Tim van Helsland



Executive Search • Interim Management • Human Capital


Tim is a Registered Chartered Accountant (RA) with a Master in Forensic Accountancy. Tim studied at the University of Maastricht and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


Tim is an entrepreneur pur sang and brings over 20 years of experience in finance and control, corporate finance, funding, strategic planning, M&A, interim management and operations in a national and international setting. He has extensive experience but also a passionate drive to help companies to accelerate, to bring them to a higher professional growth and profitability level. For this, he also won a few awards during the last 10 years, of which the prestigious FD Gazelle Award is one of them. He has covered senior management roles in different international settings in the areas of finance & control, corporate finance, general management, business development, sales & marketing and coaching. He can read the world behind the numbers and is very good at understanding the cultural differences in an international setting. With his tactical and political way of working he gets the job done even in the most difficult situations. His leadership abilities together with his hands-on mentality, creates an atmosphere in which people want to grow and become the best version of themselves. Tim has led multiple hands-on due diligence exercises in many industries. Motivated by transparency and trust in combination with a sixth sense for business, Tim has set up multiple businesses over the last years. He will bring his years of learnings to the table in coaching sessions, advisory board meetings or strategic meetings. Together with a partner in finance he also has set up VHC consulting and VHC investments.