Our available executives pool

Building talent pools has proved to be the one of the most effective and reliable executive search tactics, as it appears to be a key to hiring the best-fitting talent to your position these days. The very presence of our talent pool is a sign of the successful Executives United growth. One of the toughest challenges in executive search is speed. Every time a new position is opened or an executive leaves, there appears a hole that should be fixed as soon as possible. One of the biggest challenges for all the recruiters across the sphere is sourcing the talent at speed.

Time to hire is a crucial equivalent to the cost of every hire, and access to a database full of quality candidates is a magic wand.

Successful businesses need excellent executives who can make innovative managerial decisions that move the company forward. Nevertheless, mastering the executive search process and finding the right candidate for the job is no easy feat. We as Executives United must carefully consider our clients business goals when onboarding new executives and take time to make the best hiring decisions. Streamlining the executive search process is possible, but rushing to hire an unqualified candidate must be avoided at all costs.

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How Executives United uses efficient recruiting strategies

CONTINUOUS BUILD OUR EXECUTIVES POOL: we don’t have to look for executives from scratch every time a position opens. We have already many qualified candidates who may have made it to the final stages of a hiring process, or applied after a position was filled.

SOURCE (PRO)ACTIVELY: we reach out to passive executive candidates and connect with them by personal coffee meetings. Even if we don’t have an immediate opening, we lay the foundation for a strong relationship so you can contact them in the future.

EFFICIENCY IN TIME TO FILL: our time to fill has many layers: time to interview, time from application to phone screen and more. We identified which stage took too long and improved the process.

REFERRAL PROGRAM: we stimulate our executive candidates in referring candidates and send reminders of job openings so they can recommend qualified candidates. This process reduces the time spent on job advertising and resume screening.

This streamlining and investing time in our executive candidates results in a better insight and overview of both the market and the (passively) interested executives who are ready for the next step in their career and life.  

Our actual Executives United talent pool

In this highly pressurized market we are proud to have a large number of executive candidates in our portfolio who are ready for their next carrier step. Below is just a small selection of our available executive candidates in the positions of:

Business Unit Director, Site Manager, Business Development Director, WMS Project Manager, Senior Manager Business Control, Finance Director / CFO, Sr. Operations Manager, Sr. Program Manager, Functional Project Manager IT, Chief Information Officer, Site Director, Solutions Implementation Director, Managing Director, HR Director, VP Operations, Business Controller, Head of Sales, Key Account Director.

The executive employment market will remain tense and under pressure in the coming years. If you are an executive candidate and would like to discuss your future and your next career step or if you are a corporation interested in one of our top executive candidates, please contact us and we will meet over a cup of coffee (een koffietje doen).