5 best practices for your human capital search

A recent study found that 95% of organisations have a difficult time finding talent, with 35% of those reporting that it is very difficult. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it has never been easy to find good people. Most organizations have adopted an “all in” approach to respond to these challenges […]

Temp work is never going to be the old normal again

We live in a bizarre labor market. A war is raging a few hundred kilometres away, not only costing many lives but also pitting the global (super)powers against each other. There is a major shortage of raw materials and inflation is causing prices to rise dramatically. If we look at the situation here in the Netherlands, […]

Networking is hard working

For me, networking is my second nature, something that comes almost naturally. Of course I had to work hard on my network and to be honest I still do. On a daily basis! Networking is not collecting contacts. Networking is about planting relationships! It doesn’t work if you approach it in a selfish way. I sometimes get the comment that I am “the Godfather of networking” and for the people who know me, that puts a big smile on my face.

Our available executives pool

Building talent pools has proved to be the one of the most effective and reliable executive search tactics, as it appears to be a key to hiring the best-fitting talent to your position these days. The very presence of our talent pool is a sign of the successful Executives United growth. One of the toughest challenges in executive search is speed. Every time a new position is opened or an executive leaves, there appears a hole that should be fixed as soon as possible. One of the biggest challenges for all the recruiters across the sphere is sourcing the talent at speed.

Superman or Batman?

Almost every time one of our Consiglieres speaks with an executive about his organization and his employees, the question comes up “how do we retain our staff, how do we deal with retention”? This question is never easy to answer and is often compared by us to the question: Who is better? Superman or Batman?

Coffee meetings

Unlike a conversation over dinner, a coffee meeting suggests a relaxed talk without pressure, a quick meet-up. They are good for a first meeting. A coffee meeting suggests how long the interaction will last. It can provide a fast connection with someone without the commitment of a longer meeting.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys

The evolution of the internet has made being an entrepreneur in recruitment easier. All you need these days is a laptop, the internet and a credit card; get online, register a company name and boom! You’re in business. You can work from home, find a co-working space or a virtual office… And start building your empire from there.

Cancer & passion

Hi, my name is JeanJJJ. I could start this article by telling you that I have more than 30 years of experience in headhunting & HR. Or that I have worked in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, USA and Asia. But those are just facts and statistics!

How to gain respect from employees

We start teaching children about respect at a young age because it’s important, helping to foster feelings of trust, safety and well-being. We tell kids to “treat others the way they want to be treated,” generally meaning that accepting others for who they are will allow the same to happen to them, no matter our differences as individuals. This is a vital life lesson; we want children to feel safe in their own skin and show their ideas and opinions matter.

The big H (hr) in mergers & acquisitions

HR’s strategic role in mergers & acquisitions An old saying compares the process of mergers and acquisitions to trying to complete a large puzzle when your right hand and your left hand have never worked together. To put it mildly, mergers and acquisitions revolve around a multitude of moving parts. Further complicating matters is the […]